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Not everything that comes to mind should be said with the mouth!

Someone might be overweight because they really need to exercise and consider a healthier lifestyle change, or they could very well be struggling with some sort of ailment or disease that causes them to gain weight….you just never really know.


A women may have a larger than normal stomach because she just remained heavier after giving birth, and is still trying to bounce back, or she could have had several miscarriages and her body has not had the time needed to recuperate with all the physical and hormonal changes. Also, to the outside world she may look pregnant but may be challenged with a fibroids or a tumor…you just never know.


A child may be acting out at school because they need discipline, counselling, and a ton of re-direction, or maybe their parents are going through a divorce and having to live with mom over dad is not working out. They are having difficulty internalizing, processing and accepting the change….you just never know.


My point is, there is always a reason for the way someone may appear, act or respond and most times, unless they are directly connected to us, it doesn’t concern us and is not our business.


I was on an IG live the other day and I was appalled. The young lady that was sharing broke down and was crying. It was a cry for prayer…a cry for help. In that moment, “I saw a comment flash across the screen and it read, “your face is very swollen, what’s wrong with you, you’ve gained a lot of weight!” I was floored, I was angry, I was sad. Even if you thought it, which I’m sure many other people probably did too, how could you fix your mouth to say it? You see why I said what I said at the beginning of the entry


My mother would say when we were younger, “Not everything you feel to say, you have to say!” Boy does that resonate with me now! The world is cold, and people can be so cruel with their words, and the truth is, we never know the internal demons and battles people struggle with daily. We build up, but we also break down with our words. Whether it’s true or not, reasonable or justifiable, it is not our place to always share. IT IS NOT OUR BUSINESS and sometimes a silent prayer is more powerful than an unwarranted opinion.

Sometimes I ask myself,

Did I say anything to build someone up today?

Did I say anything to break someone down today?

Did I use my words wisely today?

I never want to be responsible for kicking someone while they’re down, or sending someone to a dark place because of my insensitivity or lack of self-control. Even as I think about my own life and my own personal challenges, I wouldn’t want to be treated that way either.

Not everything that comes to the mind should be said with the mouth, and if we don’t have anything good to say then we shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

I will Talk less, pray more, DRINK WATER and MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.

I encourage you to Talk less, pray more, DRINK WATER and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

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