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Hailing from the beautiful island of sweet, Trinidad and Tobago, Louann Nealy has been cultivating the gift of singing, songwriting and exhortation for over twenty-five years. 

At a very young age, Louann realized that there was a strong and specific call of God upon on her life.  As she matured physically and spiritually, she began to understand that the powerful, communicative tool called music was more than just melody and lyrics. Music would be the medium by which God would use her to accomplish His will on earth.

In 2004, Louann released her first solo album entitled, Until the End. Using an island flare, jazz and hip-hop fusion, Louann relayed songs of encouragement and expressions of her love to the Almighty God. In 2015, Louann released the single No Longer Bound, a declaration of freedom and the transformative power of God. In the year of 2018, Louann released her highly anticipated single, My Soul Will Sing.  As with Louann’s personal mission, My Soul Will Sing endeavors to remind listeners that in every season, good or bad, God remains worthy of all worship and adoration. Currently My Soul Will Sing, is extremely popular among listeners and is receiving major airplay in Trinidad.  In August of 2019, Louann was acknowledged by True Worshipper’s Training Center with the True Worshipers Golden Microphone Honorary Award.

Louann is undoubtedly in love with Jesus Christ! She has taken up the mantle to do more than just sing or worship but to genuinely live a lifestyle exemplifying worship. Through her singing and songwriting, Louann taps into the rich legacy of her forefathers and aims to leave a substantial mark for Jesus Christ. She carries a high praise, intense worship and a fervent commitment to uninhibitedly exude God’s love, forgiveness, grace and promises.  Louann has often said, “I do not boast; Yet, I know that I was born for this! I realize that I have a gift and it is only to be used for God’s glory.”

Currently residing in South Florida, Louann is surrounded by the love and support of her husband, Minister Andre Nealy, and their two children, David and Abrielle. Louann currently serves as the Praise and Worship Leader at Living Word Open Bible Church and frequently ministers throughout the United States and abroad.

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