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I am so proud of you!

Hey you,

I wanted to tell you something but I wasn’t sure if you would listen or hear!

Hear me when with your ear, but please listen with you heart.

Hear me when I say that I am proud of you.

Proud that you even though you may have needed to catch your breath, and sometimes veer off into the bushes for a minute……to recalibrate, to refocus, to find strength and to find your fight again, you came back!


I am proud of you!

You came back to address the things that needed to be addressed! You came back to say goodbye and close the doors that needed closing!

You came back to come to terms with reality and finish what you started!

Grant it sometimes finishing what you started means picking up the pieces and moving forward, but it can also mean saying good bye and never looking back. Whatever it meant to you, you still came back.


I am proud of you!

Maybe no one said it before, but I’m so proud of you for taking ownership.

You could have easily said, "I’m right and you’re wrong, and let that be how the story ends," but instead you chose the road less travelled.

You chose integrity, you chose goodness, you chose grace and mercy, and you chose peace.

I know that you got tired, especially when you didn’t see me moving as fast as you would have hoped.

I know sometimes your faith wavered and fear crept in, because you saw it happening for others, and wondered when it would happen for you.

I know the voice of the world became louder at times, but I’m so glad you tuned them out. You held on to your mustard seed.

You were not always fairly treated, and sometimes misunderstood for believing without seeing. I remember the times you tried so desperately to share and to care, and still you were misused and taken for granted. I remember all the tears that flowed down your cheeks, the smeared make-up, and all the restroom and car pep talks you gave yourself before walking on stage or into meetings.


I am proud of you!

I remember the times you struggled privately but tried to believe publicly. You endured so much emotional turmoil, trying to fix things and figure it out. I remember when death came knocking and it was all around. The sorrow seemed unbearable, and I thought you were going to lose your mind. You questioned me then for sure….you questioned by love and goodness, but somehow you looked back at your life and began walking through. You began walking through the grief, the sorrow, the heartache, and you are still walking through now…..I know.

It has been a rollercoaster, and sometimes when things get super calm and seemingly back to normal, turbulence begins to unveil its’ head again, but you don’t run, you don’t hide, you don’t give up. You have learned to stand your ground, your mustard seed has proven that there is so much to be said about absolute faith and trust in God.


I am proud of you!

I’m sooooooo proud of you! You keep making my heart glad because you let my light shine through the way you live, and you tell of my goodness with a great demonstration of my resilience through you. They believe me more because of you, so you see now, there was a reason I chose you.

Keep going, keep living, keep travelling, keeping believing and keep finding your fight.

I am proud of you!

Be encouraged......

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