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Final Say

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It took me a while but I'm totally delivered!! Yo but the thoughts and words of others can be so traumatizing though. I use to allow an over indulgence in what others thought and said about totally ruin my confidence. Now when I look back, I would have to say the challenge started when I was a child. I was teased severely in elementary school about my height and my nose.


There's weren't very many tall, shapely girls in my class, or the school at the time. I wasn't even that shapely...I had no boobs so it was my hips and thighs and then there was my nose. It's not overly big or anything, the kids exaggerated so badly back then, I believed every word of it. I would cry about it secretly all the time. See I was a big girl so I couldn't really show I was hurt, so I appeared to unbothered...such lies, I was heartbroken.


There was also the thing about walking with my head up all the time. Honestly, it seemed natural and normal I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. One day I ran home bawling, my momma was so mad with me that day, she got me all the way together. She said, "Girl hush your mouth, stop all that crying, you are beautiful, there is absolutely nothing wrong with do you want to walk with your down?! You are supposed to walk with you head up!"


Leading up to that, I had never been shook like that, but I got it. As time went on I got stronger and braver and my confidence was building. Taking note of the unfairness, other kids started standing up for me, but you see, I had to get it first. Once I got it, everyone else did. God said that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and that I'm made in his image and likeness and that's beyond amazing.


He said it, so it's final. Now when I have moments of mental and emotional frailty and my confidence takes a hit. I tell my emotions and all the voices of those children what God says about me. God said it so it' final and more importantly I believe what he said about me. I pretty dope and you are too :)

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